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Kelsey Curran is the founder and original designer of Desiio.

Founder of Desiio Designs, Kelsey started designing websites in high school and — not long thereafter — began to realize that simple, quality design was where her skills and passion intersected with the needs of the business world.  As she continued designing — and eventually also earned a degree in Website & Graphic Design — Desiio Designs was established!

Design is at the start of the name, but from every second following, we are unlike any other.

Before she knew it, with no advertising at all, Desiio had turned into a successful and busy company.  It continued to grow organically over the years, solely from the referral of previous clients and friends.   [There’s nothing so encouraging as hearing, “My friend / colleague recommended I call you…”]  And with the growth of clients also came the growth of services requested.   Clients started asking, “can you do this?” or “have you ever tried this?” so Desiio began to evolve to better meet more of their needs.

The company has since expanded to offer a larger variety of services and currently works with other freelance designers and photographers to comprise a solid network of professional artists that are eager and excited to help!  We take pride in what we do, which means we take pride in what you do. It’s time your brand matched the quality of your name.

This is Desiio Designs.